• CLOG BOSS® is the only toilet plunger you'll ever need.
  • The CLOG BOSS® Universal Toilet Tip seals the deal.
  • Get CLOG BOSS®, the most advanced toilet plunger you can buy.
  • The BOSS is always ready to do business!
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The CLOG BOSS® is equipped with the universal toilet tip. It compresses into any toilet drain, sealing it tight. Then high pressure forced through the tip is used to break up even the toughest clogs and force them down the drain. This can be completed by anyone in seconds without splashing or making any mess.

You’re looking at a real problem solver. Formed of waterproofed polyurethane foam, this unique tool conveys high pressures as it protects the user and the bathroom against splashing. When pushed into the drain, the outside of the tip responds by perfectly conforming to it. This forms a strong, resilient seal. Now it’s possible to pressurize the toilet trap without disturbing the water in the bowl.

That’s a huge improvement over regular plungers because splashing causes pressure loss which affects efficiency and function. Splashing also contaminates surrounding surfaces and can even spread disease. By contrast, CLOG BOSS® keeps it clean as it rips each clog a new one and flushes its future down the drain.

Get CLOG BOSS®, the most advanced toilet plunger you can buy.

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